Research and programme experience suggest that building a decent school within a village and providing trained teachers, teaching materials, and a reasonable curriculum are often enough to bring most girls into school — at least at the primary level – and encourages parents to get more involved in the education of their children.


Children are particularly susceptible to various health issues which cause a number of problems; making them unwell, affecting their physical and mental development, and affecting their attendance and performance at school. For that reason Kenya Kesho is very aware that focussing on education alone is not enough.


The coastal forests of Shimoni form a thin strip of ‘coral rag forest’ and continue to be under threat due to encroaching human population, agricultural expansion, charcoal burning and commercial logging. Kenya Kesho will help schools and communities to understand the importance of reforestation and forest preservation.

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Twiga Trek is an off-road cycle fun day challenge for kids between 6 – 8 and 9 – 12 years. The kids will raise funds for Kenya Kesho School for Girls. There will be a small obstacles course in Nguuni Wildlife Sanctuary and questions to answer along the way and 17 giraffe on the course which will make it fun for the kids to find their way around.
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