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Sunday 6 October 2018!

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Twiga Trek fundraising for Kenya Kesho School for Girls

They came and they conquered!

The Kenya Kesho Trust on Sunday held the really exciting Twiga Trek Cycle Challenge at Nguuni Nature Sanctuary, in order to raise funds towards the construction of The Kenya Kesho School for Girls, a primary school for girls from disadvantaged families in Kwale County.

Very early Sunday morning; Nguuni Nature Sanctuary; the organizers were there early, and lots of volunteers were there too – we need more volunteers for next year.

We had asked all parents to be there by 7.30 am with their young competitors. It was so exciting. There was a palpable energy in the air; all the kids revved up with motivation and anticipation. What was to come? Who would be the fastest? Who had the best names for their teams? Which school had the most entrants? Who was making the most noise? So many questions and we all had to wait until 9.00!!

Everyone got a Twiga Trek T shirt in a bright green colour. We also got a bright green cap with Twiga Trek logo on the front, sponsored by Sachil Gudka of Graphic Designs Nairobi. Come on! Come on! Numbers for the bicycle, time cards to be presented and stamped at the controls, water, bananas – donated by Khosla Farm at Kikambala and still we were not to go! How slowly can time go when all we want to do is get on our way and show everyone how good we are!


Teams had to navigate a route around the Nguuni and check in at six controls. There was a time check and then we were off again! The FASTEST TEAM completed the round in less than ONE HOUR. Next year guys, it will be longer and tougher, as per your requests!

At the end of the challenge teams had to complete ‘The Gauntlet’. This was a series of six challenges ranging from swinging through tyres, climbing, jumping, running, ‘walking the plank’ and dragging a bag of sand around a big D and finally drinking a glass of water to re-hydrate and race to the finish post. What a way to go! Everyone was exhausted and I am sure very stiff the next day. Start preparing for next year guys and gals!

The winning teams were: Can you believe this? At the end of 7 kms around Nguuni Nature Sanctuary, riding amongst giraffe, eland and an ostrich, the two top teams in the 6 – 8 age group were tied in points. At the end of the gauntlet, they were still tied so Peter made them have a penalty ‘shoot out’ and the winning team OVERDRIVE beat SMASHERS by 10 seconds. Well done all of you.


6 – 8 YEARS

1 Overdrive Oshwal Academy
2 Smashers Braeburn
3 OAM Cyclomaniacs Oshwal Academy

9 – 12 YEARS

1 Cheating Cheetars Braeburn
2 Trotting Giraffes Shree Swaminarayan
3 Swami Rocks Shree Swaminarayan


1 OAM Cyclomaniacs Shree Swaminarayan
2 Mighty Eagles Braeburn
3 Cheating Cheetars Braeburn



Well done to you all and thank you from The Kenya Kesho School for Girls!