Excuse me miss, did you see the python? Python? Surely not? That was the start! What a wonderful event for us, The Twiga Trek 2018. We really wanted to squeeze as much fun and excitement out of our event and I think that every participant had a super fabulous time.  As always we wanted more challenges, a longer route and MORE excitement!  Next year we will do a longer more challenging course with more ups and downs, through more mud baths and water courses and more obstacles!  What do you think you all think?

On Friday 5th October we waited with impatience for the Base Titanium lorry with the Hiab crane to arrive at Nguuni Nature Conservancy with lots of things on board for the Twiga Trek Gauntlet.  What a lovely surprise! HDPE tunnels, tyres, some painted bench challenges and lots of painted sticks for the crawl-through belly-walk. Thank you Base Titanium for your efforts and generousity.

For days we checked the weather forecast.  Would it rain?  What percentage chance of rain?  62%.  Oh NO!  Dr Haller of Nguuni Nature Conservancy had told us last year that October is a bad rain month.  We were very lucky indeed.  Peter had been going round the course on Thursday and got well and truly stuck in the black-cotton mud.  He had to have a tractor pull him out. Well done Girls and boys for not getting too stuck.  I saw some very muddy people at the end!  Some with very dirty bottoms too!  Did you sit in the mud or did you fall in it?  Let us know.  Send us your stories about your Twiga Trek to info@kenyakeshoschoolforgirls.org

Thank you to our amazingly generous and big-hearted donors.  Peter was nearly blasted into outer space when he got the numbers wrong!  Thank you to all the competitors for your knock-out efforts to get us to our target. You must be very proud of yourselves and we are very proud of you. This will pay for three teachers next year in ECD I and II at The Kenya Kesho School For Girls in Kwale County. Look us up on Facebook at Facebook.com/kenyakeshoschoolforgirls. We are building a primary school for girls. Come and see us anytime. We would love to see you at the school. Let me know. Come down and spend the day.

On a really hot day the littlies (6-8 years) had to cycle 5km. Done and dusted in 35 minutes. Well done! The middle group (9-12 years) had a 10km route and they had that covered in no time at all.  I have to mention that the only group not to go wrong on their route instructions were the littlies. We only had two teams in the biggest age group and they had to cover 16km. They raced around the course and came back looking very hot and bothered. Well done all of you.

We look forward to seeing you again next year with bigger and larger challenges, a longer and more difficult course and hopefully more parents to run or ride the course with their children.

Asante sana to all.

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