“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

Over the years we have fully sponsored 50 children through secondary education, seven of whom are currently at university. Our very first girl, Ms Sada Abdallah, will graduate from Maseno University in August 2017 with a BSc in Aquatic Resource Conservation and Development with IT.

Sada Abdallah

Sada Abdallah

4th year studying Bachelor of Science in Aquatics and IT at Maseno University

Born in September 1993 in Shimoni village, Sada attended primary school in Shimoni and attained 349/500 marks in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. Sada joined Matuga Girls High School in 2009 and achieved grade B in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.

Sada is the first and only girl in our location to be a university student and graduate and we at Kenya Kesho are very proud of her.

Sada, who helps out at school when she is on holiday is very good with instructions to the young mothers and is a firm favourite with all the kids. She has been instrumental in guiding young girls towards a more thoughtful acceptance to education. As she says in one of her letters, she would be a mother maybe three times over and possibly a drug addict too had she not been taken up and sponsored by Kenya Kesho. She is wise beyond her years.

Isaac Genya

Isaac Genya

3rd year Bachelor of Land Resource Planning & Management at Jomo Kenyatta University

Born in 1994, Isaac attended primary education at Mshiu Primary School and attained 356/500 marks in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. Isaac joined Kwale High school in 2010 and achieved grade B+ in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.

Isaac comes from a very humble background and was the first child from his location to go to Secondary School. He has worked really hard to become the pillar of the family and an inspiration to others in the village. During his holidays he has mentored a number of siblings and children in the village and just wants everyone to excel.

He was recently awarded the 2016 Vice Chancellor’s student of the year award from Jomo Kenyatta University. This was an excellent award given that there are hundreds of student from all over the country studying at the university. We are extremely proud of Isaac.

Collins Onyango

Collins Onyango

3rd year medicine student at Maseno University

Collins is a totally charming young man. His family were unable to pay his school fees at Kwale Boys School and the School did not want to send him home as he showed such promise. The School approached us and asked if we would help. We did so. Today he is in year three at University doing a degree in medicine. However initially he had been offered a course in Hotel Management despite his desire to become a doctor. His father was desperate for his son to achieve an education and follow his dreams in a way he had been unable to do. Collins was able to enroll in a parallel medical course at Maseno University. His father was so proud. Sadly, Collins was heart-broken when his father died from a stroke during his first year at University. Today he is a top class student and takes his studies very seriously indeed. Collins says that he will use the stones thrown at him to build a strong foundation for himself. He has overcome all odds to be where he is.

This is an extract from a letter the Head Teacher of Wasini Island sent to us after Collins, who had been teaching there while he waited to join university, left.

“On behalf of the school and the entire Wasini Community we wish to appreciate all the favours from Kenya Kesho. Actually you contributed a lot last year by bringing Mr Collins who was a hard working teacher. He managed to contribute on the improving of our school mean-score. We scored a mean-score of 240.30/500 which is the best mean-score ever. We lead in Pongwe Kidimu location.”

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